Cereal Aisle is the work of Kasey Allen + team



Cereal Aisle is the workshop of Kasey Allen and team.  Kasey has quickly become one of the most sought after concert visuals artist today, designing content for some of the highest profile performance screens featured on broadcast and internationally touring canvases.  He has recently worked with artists and brands like: Eminem, Rihanna, PSY, Tritonal, The Country Music Awards, and Chevy.

“Every live performance should be a powerful emotional experience that leaves a lasting impression.  

My process is one of trying to tap into the heart of each song and create a visual translation that accentuates the artist's performance.  Each project requires a fresh approach, but it’s always important to collaborate with the entire production design team and create a cohesive look that reads well from the front to back of house and on camera.  This philosophy applies both when trying to achieve the illusion of an architectural set extension and for more abstract animated pieces.

I believe my aesthetic is somewhat unique because it is informed by an equally blended background in stage lighting, set design, and filmmaking.  I’ve been working in live production since I was twelve doing everything from rigging, lighting design, and constructing set pieces to creating screen content.  Even though so much of my work now happens in the studio using sophisticated 3D software, it’s still an incredibly tactile process for me.  It’s about all the ingredients coming together to create a powerful and cohesive live experience.”

- Kasey Allen

Kasey currently lives in Santa Monica, California where he leads a team as a creative director at Cereal Aisle and collaborates with some of the other top visual effects studios in the world including: The Mill, Elastic, Imaginary Forces, Blind and Possible.

In his free time, Kasey makes experimental short films; obsessively stockpiles inspiration here, here, and here; listens to way too many podcasts; enjoys reading thinky books; and engages in a daily cult-like form of exercise.


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